Introducing The ECE  (Early Childhood Education)Teacher's Training Program  from Helen O Grady International

Introducing I-Maths ....  A Thinking Skills Development Program
For Children from 3 years to 7 years of Age
 HELEN O GRADY Drama Classes
 Studios all across Wakad at
  •     Tiger Cubs Preischool - Kaspatewasti
  •     SNBP School , Rahatni
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   " Every Child is born a GENIUS and will remain so if we do not degenius him/her in the first six years. “

Our objective is to maintain and enhance the genius of every child in his foundation years.
As per research a child does his maximum learning in the first six years of his life because this is the time when the growth of his brain is happening at the maximum rate of his lifetime.  Imprints during this early phase seem to last for life as was traditionally recognized in the Indian culture and now proved by modern research on brain, cognition and psychology.

Today increasingly there is a need for our parents to have a place , a center, where their babies could creatively engage their full potential and develop to the maximum their wonderfully gifted brain.

As a good parent you provide shelter for your child , you clothe your child , you feed your child with good healthy and nourishing food. In the same way it is imperative that you provide a good atmosphere with excellent facilities and feed your child’s brain with wholesome , healthy, nourishing , educative thoughts. For this is the very foundation of a genius.

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